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UNGER Family

Our company - comes with a wealth of experience
Unger GmbH & Co KG was established in 1932. Founded by our "company father" Bruno Unger in Leipzig. Having described ourselves as a traditional company for a long time, a completely new production and administration facility was built in the Hellerwald industrial zone in 1986. We are clear about what we have to offer: Decades of experience. And, of course, blades and wear parts for printing and packaging machines, which meet German quality standards in the best possible sense.

Unger "family life" - always at the forefront
Speaking of the best possible sense, you can count on the "Unger family" to provide all the advantages that a family set-up has to offer: Employees who have been with us for decades, who grow with us and have complete commitment to us and our products. A team that puts its heart and soul into the company and benefits from continual further training and development. And a working environment where motivation and commitment are taken as a given. Familiarity also means that we are always accessible and our customerservice is unsurpassed.

We don't feel like a large corporation, more like a small, high-quality traditional company that delivers manufacturing of unsurpassed quality and high standards with fair and transparent pricing.


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