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Our Sustainability

True quality is also good for the environment
We think anyone interested in manufacturing high-quality products has to keep the bigger picture in mind. What would the benefit be in providing the highest quality products while wasting precious resources? There would be none. That's why our definition of quality also includes ideas around sustainability and environmental protection.

Solar Power
You can see exactly what this looks like outside, at our solar plant which has been in operation since 2009. We have a panel area of 894 m² where 1,241 modules have been able to save 300 t of CO² to date. The electricity we produce is also fed into the national grid.

LED lighting
Of course we want more. Through our energy strategy, developed in 2017, we are making constant progress along our path to sustainability. This includes replacing all the mercury vapour lamps in our production hall with modern demand responsive LED lamp technology. And our heating also works towards environmental protection - thanks to condensing technology with cascade switching and hot water processing.

Conserving resources using new approaches
Taking a closer look, you will see that since the beginning of 2018 we no longer use plastic chips in our packaging but environmentally friendly, compressed paper. We have also started to increase the product life of our grinding emulsions by using coolant preparation leading to a considerable reduction in our water and coolant additive consumption and also saving on disposal costs. And now with our new liquid nitrogen tank, we can also say goodbye to bundled supply - avoiding numerous road journeys and saving costs.


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