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UNGER Family

Our company - comes with a wealth of experience
Unger GmbH & Co KG was established in 1932. Founded by our "company father" Bruno Unger in Leipzig. Having described ourselves as a traditional company for a long time, a completely new production and administration facility was built in the Hellerwald industrial zone in 1986. We are clear about what we have to offer: Decades of experience. And, of course, blades and wear parts for printing and packaging machines, which meet German quality standards in the best possible sense.

Unger "family life" - always at the forefront
Speaking of the best possible sense, you can count on the "Unger family" to provide all the advantages that a family set-up has to offer: Employees who have been with us for decades, who grow with us and have complete commitment to us and our products. A team that puts its heart and soul into the company and benefits from continual further training and development. And a working environment where motivation and commitment are taken as a given. Familiarity also means that we are always accessible and our customerservice is unsurpassed.

We don't feel like a large corporation, more like a small, high-quality traditional company that delivers manufacturing of unsurpassed quality and high standards with fair and transparent pricing.

Our production - quality with tradition
You can be sure that our team understands its craft. But that's not enough on its own. Our results depend on quality materials. Therefore we offer a wide range of steels - from simple strip steel to high-alloy blade steel. On top of this, our partners supply us with excellent machines enabling us to achieve the best possible results. We also work with custom machines, built exclusively for us. And: What once began in our company as punching technology has now given way to precise laser cutting. This makes us even better. And we want to continue to be so in the future. So we ensure continual quality improvement - by investing in progress, but also innovation, for example, by developing our own identification system which allows us to trace when a blade was produced, at any time.
And because we are so keen on quality, we also have products from 3M in our range as a result of taking over the Southern German agency in 2012. You can also rest assured: We carry out cutting trials with every new blade manufactured in-house - this in-house inspection ensures the quality of our products.


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